Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Chapter Opens

How exciting! I have been encouraged (well challenged is more the word) to open a new door in terms of sharing and communication, and so I have started this blog. I look forward to bringing some resources together, sharing some thoughts and perspectives from the many influences that cross my path.

I have been working professionally as a psychic / intuitive consultant in Winnipeg since 1982. Many things were formative in this. In my early years I remember my mother and my aunt's reading each other's tea leaves around the kitchen table at the lake. Having older brothers who shared interests in art, mythology and folklore was a big influence as well . I started having psychic / intuitive experiences in my teens that led me to look at this as a profession. I began with psychometry ( getting impressions from objects like jewellery) and found I could bring that sensitivity to other forms of reading.

I was truly blessed to have encouragement both from some very wise people in the reading profession and from friends and family that kept (and still keep) me grounded, always remembering that intuitive work can be a helpful resource but is meant to work in complement with the other senses.

I started working professionally as a reader in restaurants (the Chocolate Shop restaurant and then later The Eastside Exchange Bar and Grill) and at the time (1982) Tarot was just becoming a more popular mainstream form of reading. I was always comfortable with it's symbolism and soon found that it was the vehicle that best worked for me and with clients. It continues to teach me the more I work with it. It's like a book that is always changing, always revealing something new.I will be sharing about that to some extent.

Since 1994 I have been happily located in my own private reading room at Blackletter Books 1170 Main st. In Winnipeg's North End. The store itself specializes in used books, curios and collectibles and we have a very friendly dog named Lola that likes to greet people when they come in.

I look forward to sharing things here that I find inspirational, not just to being a reader but also to the stories of friends and community that I am glad to be part of

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