Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recommended Reading -Tarot

There are a number of great recommendations on the Aeclectic tarot website as well as forums etc. with excellent reviews.

Along with the names you will hear again and again (Stuart R. Kaplan, Crowley, Waite, etc. etc. ) , the following are a few of the books that I have particularly found useful.

For Beginners:

"Choice Centered Tarot" by Gail Fairfield
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"Easy Tarot Guide" by Marcia Masino

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For Serious Study:

"Qabalistic Tarot" by Robert Wang. For in depth background on just about everything you could ever want to know, the systems from which tarot originates, the symbols, associations and the transformative experience of working with and creating a deck and what would probably be the most important reference manual I go back to again and again (and is helpful in understanding Crowley, Waite and all the others). This author is not afraid to debunk some big tarot myths (the tarot itself is not ancient for instance, but rather has always borrowed from symbolism far older than itself). I have found a number of books by R. Wang helpful and his own creations in terms of decks are articulate and work well.

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