Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The man who inspired Tolkien, C.S.Lewis and mentored Lewis Carroll

The writing of George Macdonald is like opening a magic door. There is a depth and a resonance with something we all know deep inside. His children's stories aren't watered down Disney, rather like something found in an attic that once opened never lets you be the same.

Transformative spirituality is like that. Considered Christian allegory, these stories are something I think anyone who walks a path of faith can understand and relate to.

I find it fascinating that his characters most often analogous to a saviour are, in fact women. He was a follower too of the poet Novalis, who believed spirit could be found as much in nature as in dogma. Macdonald was a man before his time in many respects, but we would have so much less in this time had he not come before.

For anyone interested in archetypes or for anyone who wants to experience fantasy writing in its most potent distilled state this is the rarest vintage. Goes best in a book format, in a hammock at a lake or with milk and cookies before bedtime.

Heres a link about Macdonald from Wikipedia:

and one of my favorite stories by him (many e-texts are available on the net):

I ordered my last (new) copy through Prairie Sky Books (see in links) as I've given many away.

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