Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Pictorial Tour (past location)

*This is my past location at Blackletter Books (now closed). I have many happy memories there and continue to have a friendly association with Jan - who was the owner. Blackletter was a great local resource. I am grateful for the time I spent there.

In Winnipeg, coming north on Main St. (about a 10 minute drive or bus ride from downtown), just past Redwood Avenue there is an unmistakable landmark on your right (on the East side). It is the Ukrainian Orthodox cathedral.
They do a great community "all you can eat" perogy lunch!

Just Past the cathedral is beautiful St. John's Park.

Directly across the street from these on the left (West side) at the corner of Main and College Ave. there is an old apartment building (1170 Main st.) with a sign "Blackletter Books & Collectibles" and "Psychic Readings". A smaller sign says "Psychic Tarot By Trevor".

As you walk by a friendly dog, Lola, comes out and wags her tail at you through a closed off side entrance.

You notice that there is ample free parking in front of the store.

The store's entrance has a curious symbol painted upon it, mirroring the iconography from the cathedral across the street:

Entering the store, you meet the proprietor, Jan Choma, (who also very kindly takes appointments over the phone for me).

Our store dog Lola generally thinks people are there to see her, (shes very friendly and gentle and loves kids).

Quite often she's correct!

The store has a great selection of paperbacks, some hardcovers, knick knacks and (as the sign mentioned) collectibles. Very well organised and set into sections, its generally pretty easy to find what you are looking for. Jan is a member of the Winnipeg Second Hand Book Dealer's Association. He buys, sells and trades. A great way to recycle your books!

It's always surprising what you can find in a place like this...

Looking to the back of the store, you notice another odd door. This is the entrance to my cozy reading room.

This is where I write...

The room can comfortably accomodate a few people at a time. Some people like to "sit in" on one another's readings.

...and this is the table where I do readings. I have a tape recorder if people wish to bring along a cassette or purchase one from the store, other recording devices are also welcome.

So, if you've been looking, this is where you'll find me!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics; I'll come back to this post often. I would have said you should include Robin's across the stret as the official coffee supplier of BlackLetter, but it appears to have moved on when I came back to visit. What about Henry Armstrong's..? I know it's in the next block or two, but how about some time throwing in a pic of Billy Mosienko's?

  2. I walked by with my child the other day and definitely had a pull to find out more...I'm happy I did. Best to you and see you soon. - M