Saturday, September 26, 2009

A great article from this month's Shambhala Sun


  1. It only offers an excerpt to the article; you need to subscribe to the mag to read it.
    How did you come across it in the first place? Reading it reminded me of how it felt visiting my parents this summer and rummaging in the basement to see things I had forgotten about but which represented my world growing up.

  2. Hi Keir, Thanks for your comment. I usually surf through their online page at least once a month and often pick up the hard copy at Prairie Sky. I also related to it in terms of when my father passed away. Going through his apartment was like an archeological dig, so much of it like a time capsule from Trudeaumania and the 70's. At the same time it was sweet to see what he did hang on to, somethings that showed his character in a way I hadn't seen before.