Saturday, May 1, 2010

Catching up with this...

It's been a busy month. April flew by and with one thing and another I've been remiss in posting. Not a single thing since March! Probably the latest news is that CBC Information radio did a series on "Urban Myths -psychic neighborhoods" and profiled a number of people in the city and I was honored to have been contacted. There was a lot of discussion about various forms of reading and some things about paranormal activity that are outside my realm of work. I can only comment on my own experience and am not familiar with some of the other things that were under discussion.

For my own part it went well, I found the reporter open and comfortable to talk to. I was asked at one point about people being skeptical and I think that goes with the job. I have to be open to skepticism, I also dont encourage blind faith. I think it's always best to approach reading as "food for thought" and as something that works in compliment to a person's own intuitive awareness. I'm glad that came across.

In other areas, I was pretty busy helping with some community things. Did some backstage work for some events that friends were involved in. I serve on the board for a community group and volunteer around a social club, occasionally doing readings for charity that I mention here when they are coming up. Between all that and an early start on my garden (Lola helped of course) I've been fairly busy, but I hope to catch up on some tarot  and inspirational posts soon.

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