Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Curses! Foiled Again!

I have had some feedback lately from clients that have been to another reader in the city (Winnipeg, but this goes on elsewhere) that I will not name. They report that after a reading that seemed fairly accurate the reader went on to tell them that the cause of their problems or difficulties is a curse, a curse that the reader could remove for them but it is strenuous (of course) and that it is a costly procedure - $700.00 to be exact. When the client told the reader they do not have that kind of money the reader said (ominously) "come back when you have it".

I have heard of this before, it hasn't surfaced ( to me anyway) for a good many years. Back in the late 80's a local newspaper did an expose on this and the reader said "you can believe or not, I believe they have a curse". They were not shut down and their licence (at the time there was a city licence that required a background check, there isn't now) was not revoked. Back then the cost of curse removal was $500.00 and (get this) a pork roast - because the curse would get transferred into the pork, much like the biblical casting out of demons into pigs.

This type of scam, (you can believe it's not a scam, I choose to believe it is) manifests in many forms.  Sometimes they wait until they have read for the person more than once, building a degree of trust. I also have noticed that they seem to generally target certain ethnic groups, and always it is people that are carrying a degree of worry when they come in. They seem to be quite good at picking a mark.

Whenever people come to me with this sort of issue I point out that it is not in my area of expertise. I do not deal in curses, spells or energetic issues outside of what is within the persons own ability to identify in their own patterns and work with themselves. I NEVER bring up a cost outside of the reading they have booked and I don't tell them they have to come back. In my practice (and that of others in my field that I respect) a reading is meant to work in compliment to the person's own judgment. A good reader does not try to make the client dependent on them.  It's nice when people come back (I usually encourage waiting at least a season) and usually when I give a recommendation (counselling etc.) it is a referral to a resource that is free (see the area to the right  titled "Useful Links" for some resources around the Internet and here in Winnipeg).

I should mention too that there are resources to energetic work that can be helpful, such as practitioners of Reiki, alternative healing and various forms of work. Part of learning to work with intuitive awareness is about identifying what is baggage we are carrying and also how to have a healthy defense system in dealing with energy that is unhealthy for us. Like any profession there are those with abilities that are worthy of their hire and you can shop around, check their reputations and in most cases,if these people are working conscientiously they will be above board in what they do.

If you ask around there are a good many people in various fields that can be helpful. many of the local resources that I respect in energetic work (energetic clearing) are responsible practitioners, they will offer suggestions in a way that is self empowering and not about creating dependency. They usually will tell you that this (energetic work) IS in their area of experience, you know this is what you are going for when you go in - fair enough. These people charge reasonably and  to each their own.

At the same time there are things to watch out for - ANY time a person brings this sort of thing up in an intimidating or threatening way and tells you not to breathe a word of it to anyone that's a huge red flag. Also if you have a belief system, faith or religion that follows this sort of belief, there are usually people whose job it is to take care of this for you (elders, priests, ministers etc.) and they often are operating either on a not for profit basis where perhaps a token offering is made or their services are offered for a reasonable rate that should not have surprise costs.

My advice is always to take what a reader says (myself included) with a grain of salt. Your life, health, well being (physically, emotionally and spiritually) are ultimately your own responsibility. Anytime a reader makes you uncomfortable, scares you or encourages dependency on them as the only solution to your problems, walk away.

Also, if you don't want to be responsible for yourself, instead choosing to believe that all your life's ills are caused by fate or curses, then I am definitely NOT the reader for you. By all mean go to the sort of person that supports that. I should mention though that you might need a second job, in the cases I have heard of the 700 will not be enough, part of the scam is that once they know they've got you they can say the curse was heavier than they thought, (apparently like lice, more than one treatment may be necessary) and subsequent treatments go up considerably in price.

Additional note: If you or someone you care about has fallen victim to or has encountered a scam or fraud, one of the important things to do is contact your local law enforcement, the Better Business Bureau and also whatever federal agency that may cover your jurisdiction, here in Canada that would be Service Canada

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  1. That's a message that needs to be spread far and wide. Good job, Trev!