Friday, September 24, 2010

Winnipeg stories, a unique Winnipeg tarot deck, AND readings for charity

Some local Winnipeg Artists and entertainers have come up with an interesting way to collect stories about Winnipeg, combining Tarot iconography with quirky Winnipeg symbolism, they're donning turbans and will be visiting locations throughout the city exchanging readings for people to tell their stories. The original deck is worth checking out and will be available for sale. More on this to be found here:

One of the things I like about Winnipeg is that we have a rich history of readings being both a fun and at the same time useful resource. Many people have readers in their family history, people that didn't necessarily do this as a profession but still either worked with this gift or appreciate those who do. I think most people view it as something fairly down to earth. There are some great local resources for Tarot and intuitive study that don't charge unreasonable amounts and rank among some of the best in the world. Most Winnipeg readers are pretty ordinary folk who read constructively. Many of us who do work professionally also do some free (pro-bono) work and will also donate our time free of charge for charities etc. I frequently do shorter "psychic fair" style readings at events put on by Gio's Cares, a charity that helps people living  with HIV / AIDS. I usually post to this site when these are upcoming.

Part of doing what I do for as long as I have is having the ability to laugh at myself. I take what I do seriously, but I have to take me with a grain of salt and good friends help with that too, - (thanks Charley, particularly for your insights lately :).

And no, I don't own a turban ;)


  1. One problem with this project is that it presents a narrow vision of tarot cards which stereotypes culture. English speakers should understand that tarot cards are also used in certain card games. The tarot game has become popular in places like France and Quebec, but unfortunately English speakers still only get information about the tarot as means of divination. People who are trying to educate other English speakers about tarot card games become disadvantaged by this one-sided tarot presentations.

  2. Dear Anonymous,Most tarot information sites (that are factual) talk about Tarot having it's origins in games of chance and also their relationship to Playing cards. I am familiar with Tarochi decks and also the gaming aspect but admittedly not knowledgeable enough about it to provide further background and, as you say, this is not in the mainstream of interest in some communities. I don't think that in any way denegrates the system.
    A very similar commentto this one came up on the free press comment board. Do you have any english speaking links that you can share on this fascinating aspect?
    As to the Project I have mentioned, this is not at all different from many artists that choose to use tarot as a template for tying together different forms of symbolism or the sharing of information, lore or knowledge. My perception is that these artists are presenting "readings" in a fun and entertaining way. I work differently (although I can be serious and also be at the same time fun and entertaining).
    In my view, tarot is like an operating system, a lot like Windows for a computer. Some people use Windows to surf information, some to play, some to work constructively. I cannot speak on behalf of the Winnipeg tarot Co. but I don't think anyone was trying in this project or for that matter in this forum to be definitive authorities. I am not sure what you mean by "one sided".
    Hope you will continue to share your thoughts.
    I will do a little further research and see what I can find to post along these lines.
    Thank you for taking the time to write!

  3. I know of at least two English links pertaining to tarot game playing. The first is the card games website and there's also a more recent one, The tarot game is also featured on the website.
    Interesting you should compare the tarot to an OS. which is similar to how I've viewed it for some time. I thought of the deck itself as hardware and its possible uses as software. Tarot games could be seen as software and so could all the different tarot spreads for reading.