Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eight Of Swords

There's trends I sometimes notice, where certain cards are more prevalent. It sometimes seems that there's lessons we all are moving through and symbols become more evident during these times. Lately I have noticed a stronger than usual emphasis on the Eight of Swords.

The suit of swords itself is where we often are having to work with issues around conflict, stress and the part of consciousness that makes decisions, sometimes a more dualistic (good or bad, right or wrong) decisive focus.

None of the suits are good or bad in themselves but swords do seem to indicate more trouble on the surface than the others, yet they are necessary and when we work with what they represent we grow.

Not many people can say they like conflict, but conflict resolution is a very good thing. Any relationship that doesn't have a degree of conflict (internally or externally) isn't much of a relationship. How we work through these issues and identify problems is an essential part of our life experience.

Eights as a number are often about how we are identifying with our experiences. They are a sort of "you are here" indicator. We have to remember that our circumstances don't define us entirely, we have to be in them but not of them. When we define ourselves by conflict, when our main subject matter is our battles and conflicts there is a self victimization that the eight of swords can illustrate.

Sometimes that victimization is from an external source, an abusive relationship whether it is with a partner or one's environment can be shown by this card. Feeling powerless in our circumstances is also a big part of what this represents.

Looking at the illustration in the Rider deck there are some useful clues and insights. The figure is bound and blindfolded, surrounded by swords and abandoned on a beach, a castle is seen high on a cliff. Small puddles surround the figure, it is also significant that she is wearing red. What this seems to be is an execution by drowning. The tide will come in and this figure will be washed away. It's almost as if the executioners didnt have the guts to do the job themselves but rather have left it up to a force of nature to do the dirty work for them.

In some cultures a woman in red represents a dangerous figure, a "fallen woman". In the Tarot deck however she represents a resourceful woman of experience, the crone aspect of the female trinity (Mother, Maiden and Crone). In a happier aspect she is present in that trinity in the three of cups and also the Queen of Pentacles herself wears red (again symbolic of resourcefulness and the ability to see many sides of a situation).
So our figure in the eight of swords has fallen into a bad situation. The manner and style of execution suggests she is a powerful woman, again so much so that no one wants to directly do her in, nor do they wish to be identified hence the blindfold. In some cases so much as a look from this person would be enough for her to either do damage or to influence her escape.

The water is significant too. In many instances in the Rider deck, the ocean represents the vast unknown of our life experience, to venture out, to risk going beyond our comfort zones. This is different symbolically than just water as an element (cups). I always have felt though that the very thing meant to do our lady in red in, will be the very thing that sets her free. We have to sometimes "surrender to win", let go of the defining circumstances and sink or swim but in doing so we reclaim the freedom we have lost.

In practical application this card comes up a lot for caring people who have lost their way in taking on the worries of others. I sometimes call it the "Achilles's Heel of Empaths". When our feeling for others has taken over our lives, we are in this state. Sometimes to take on our own feelings can be overwhelming at first (like the great ocean tide) but when we surrender to these things rather than run from them, we find our way out.

The term "Empath" has come up more in the last few years to refer to a person who has the ability to pick up on the feelings of others. I didnt hear the term so much until one of the Star Trek Shows ( I think it was Next generation) had a character who identified herself as one. Sometimes this seems to be an involuntary condition, a person who is an involuntary empath has not yet learned to set boundaries and is strongly affected by the vibes in their environment. Also there is the danger of projection, or ascribing to others the very dark emotions we do not want to own up to in ourselves. When we lack these boundaries or the accountability to see that the dark emotions we are "picking up" are sometimes our own, we have fallen into this trap. For some who are addicted to feeding off the emotional turmoil of crisis situations, boundaries can be frightening. To feel seperated from or cut off from others is harsh, but this is where the illustration of the card takes on new meaning. Sometimes we need the boundaries that the swords represent and the blindfold makes us look inward, we can begin to rescue ourselves (we often need help though in opening these things up) rather than using crisis as a way of avoiding.

I also sometimes call this "the flannel nightie card". In relationships this can be an indication of a lack of safety or security, a need to withdraw from intimacy. We cannot truly share ourselves with another if we are feeling hurt or threatened. So like putting on a red flannel nightie that would look good on grandma and getting a good night's sleep, we have to stand back, take back our space and be whole before we can share.

Sometimes this card can indicate physical problems. I don't diagnose health, but the physical aspects of stress come up here. Some people don't know they are on fire til they smell the smoke. This is not a good card around issues of pregnancy or fertility issues. It usually suggests a strong need for self care before any new undertaking can be accomplished.


  1. The card is oddly peaceful

  2. Dear "Anonymous", that's a curious observation, for those going through this state there's little feeling of that, perhaps you are someone who has come through this. We all have our own experiences though and I'd be very interested to hear your further thoughts on the eight of swords being peaceful.

  3. It's just an emotional response I guess. Or someone who has just accepted her situation and is at peace with it. Sometimes things get messy but I find it beautiful and peaceful.

  4. Yes sometimes it is quietest in the eye of the hurricane. If you find peace in such a situation and it is a conscious choice to be there, and others are not impacted negatively i.e. children that are affected directly or indirectly, then cool. I have to ask though is it acceptance or have you just become resigned? As a reader I often find people in this situation are "blindfolded" they don't see an alternative, it's like playing possum so the attacker lets up. Sometimes we are inured (like worn down) and as I said in the original post we have become oblivious (not knowing we are on fire til we smell the smoke). I would just ask this, if you are in such a situation is it what you would want for anyone else you care about, like a son feeling its ok to behave as either of the people in the situation, or a daughter? Are you living your life or letting a dominant force control it? These are just questions that arise around the card. I have no way of knowing your situation and I respect your feeling response, just looking at different aspects that arise around the card. If you wish to continue this conversation privately by all means send me an email.

  5. Also, as those in various forms of recovery have shared with me, it may be that you have learned to detach, to be in the situation but not of it. To no longer let it define you. If this is the case you have truly learned something important and are not defined by your circumstances. I try to check that the person is not isolated. If you have moved through this (and that doesn't always involve having to leave the circumstances altogether) then you have something very positive to share with others who are feeling powerless. I hope that is the case for you.

  6. Just going back over your comments for this card as it recently showed up in the Significator position in a reading. At the time you talked about the card indicating a restriction and that I might not be aware of how much I'd been restricted until such time as I was out of a particular situation. The woman is blindfolded so she can't see the surrounding swords so she may not realize they even exist. Also, if she could see them she'd know she could just step out from among the swords and away. Maybe this is the peace that Anonymous refers to. Remaining motionless and blindfolded can be the less risky and inherently more comfortable option while trying to move out of a situation runs the risk of kicking us out of our comfort zone.