Tuesday, June 12, 2012


More news to come about further exciting changes. I am no longer reading at Blackletter books. This has been a tough decision but I have needed to move my residence to be closer to family and also am looking at ways to improve and upgrade services, so I now can be reached through a virtual office number at (204) 504 9575. When you call that number it forwards to wherever I am located and also allows you to leave a message (and I will call you back)  or to hear the contact number to book an appointment at whatever venue I am at that day. This is also the contact number for party/ group bookings and a number of other potentials in the works. This also allows for much greater flexibility of hours to serve you better! These are all things my clients have been requesting for some time and in terms of convenience, a better way to accomodate people's schedules and provide comfortable venues for private and group  readings, it seems to be working out well.

At present I am primarily based at Elemental Book and Curiosity Shop (this link takes you to Elemental's facebook page), 355 Langside St. You can book directly there as well by calling: (204)779 8900. The joint booking / shared calendar allows me to book your readings when the store is closed as well as allowing the store to book for me when I am doing readings! This aspect will be generally available at any venues I work with from now on.  I will be posting a great deal in the next while about Elemental, the resources they offer and the other readers that are also available there.
The Pictorial Tour is now up!

I do want to add further my deep appreciation to Blackletter for the great support I have been given there AND my deep gratitude for letting clients know how I can be reached. They are having a huge half price sale right now, definately worth checking out!

THANK YOU for your patience in all these growing pains and here's to new beginnings!