Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's new (and another vlog post)

Lots of further change going on, both in the practice of my own work and in the primary location I am reading at these days. Elemental Book And Curiosity Shop continues to offer lots of inspiring things from incense and crystals, jewellry and various spiritual and metaphysical tools as well as books reflecting a variety of faiths and practices, some works by local artists and artisans and now the interesting addition of some vintage clothing and costumes! Dominique, the owner has been hard at work with some behind the scenes renovations and upgrades. Among other things, the basement will be available for some further work and intentional space. I'm looking forward to when she can have the crystal grids laid out again! Some additional display areas and space is being made for lots of new stock and many things people have been needing and asking for in their work and mindful, constructive practice, if you don't see what you need, be sure and ask. Dominique goes out of her way to be informed and supportive of various paths.

It's also delightful to be working cooperatively with other readers again, after a long period of working largely on my own. Dodie and Lisa both have their own unique approach to Tarot and Monica specializes in Angel Card readings. I am grateful to be part of a team that has been very supportive in a lot of the change that's been going on. I'm learning a lot on some new levels and it's exciting to be exploring some different formats as well as having access to a lot of transformative tools, information, study and different people's practices in the various faiths and areas of interest that come in, both in my own clients and fellow practitioners that come in looking for resources. Lots of constructive sharing. I am also looking forward to Brenda Johnson (astrologer) coming back from a six month stint teaching in China!

I did another little vlog (video blog) this morning about working with Tarot, here it is:

Well that's all for now, back to work, but drop by and see for yourself the great constructive things going on. Looking forward to hearing from and seeing you soon!