Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day

Thought I'd share this here, (funny how things come to me). I should mention I have a very diverse circle of friends, with very divergent feelings on a lot of things. The following is just my own perspective on today, originally posted to my Facebook page, but felt I'd share it here too:

"Observing Remembrance day is not pro war or pro military (unless you choose to make it so). What would happen if we paused for a moment of silence every day not to be patriotic, not to be pro or con this or that, but to recognise the cost and privilege of freedom, to not be so smug as to think it's given by divine right to some and not to others, but by standing up not just for ourselves but for others who are suffering, oppressed or being taken advantage of? Like pausing over the food we eat, like being grateful for shelter and for understanding. Honoring something doesn't mean you take a position, it means you stand over a grave and recognise something significant lies here, the alternative is like paving it over for parking." -Trev.

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  1. Trevor you have such an amazing way of putting things in perspective, thankyou for you valued insights, p.s just saw your film on your sight and thought it to be charming.xo your fellow traverler Micheal.