Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cycles Of Change

I had some news today that I am passing along. My previous longstanding location Blackletter Books & Collectibles at 1170 Main St. (here in Winnipeg) will be closing this spring. They will be having a huge 75% off sale commencing January 14th and continuing until the closing.

I owe a lot to this place, it allowed me to really become independantly established. Although we were always seperate businesses (I rented space there) we shared a phone number and I learned a great deal working with Jan (the owner). When I moved earlier in 2012, (partly due to family that needs me nearer) it was a cooperative and respectful change. Jan has continued to let my clients know where I've gone and how to reach me, a pretty strong reflection of his great character and a fraternal mutual respect I value highly. I have known of places that have psychics that don't allow for contact beyond that establishment, like hairdressers or other service areas sometimes when you leave clients sometimes have to really search to find you or you have to advertise heavily. I have had a pretty straightforward transition partly due to things like this blog but again largely thanks to Jan continuing to let people know where I've gone and how to get ahold of me.

Over the last two decades Blackletter has been a staple in the North End (it was on Selkirk Ave. for quite a few years before we shared space for the last 17 years on Main) and a respected name in the used book business in Winnipeg, with many dealers coming from other cities stopping by. This industry has had to face a lot of change and transition in the last few years. This is not the first business of it's kind that has had to close in the last few years. I hope Jan will be doing something further, perhaps in a different format and rest assured I will be posting to let people know.

In the the next few months there will be some tremendous deals in terms of merchandise, I will definately be stopping by not just for the sale, but to say goodbye to a place I love and to wish Jan well and show my support to whatever the next chapter holds. I encourage you all to do the same. His hours are 10 to 6 Tues. to Fri. and 10 to 5 Saturday. The phone number there for further inquiries is (204)586-2702