Sunday, March 10, 2013

March update

Spring is definately in the air! Things are flowing into a new season for many of us. I am continuing to enjoy being in the West End of Winnipeg, both my home and the primary location of my work presently at 355 Langside St. (within Elemental Book and Curiosity Shop). This has proved to be a great blessing, partly as my mother is in senior's care just steps away and what would otherwise be stressful is made easier by work that allows me to be flexible in terms of hours and her greater peace of mind having me close. I feel greatly supported through Dominique at Elemental and the neighborhood. Elements Restaurant (similar name) right across Langside from my work is great for healthy lunch and dinner as well as the cozy spots nearby (not one but TWO Stella's restaurants within walking distance!). Work is going well and most of my longstanding clients have been able to find me thanks in part to Jan at my previous location Blackletter Books (now closed) having passed along my contact info as well as resources like this blog. I'm also very glad to be meeting lots of people in the new neighborhood, with this also being close enough to where I was that I have not lost touch with the great people in the North End.
 I'm enjoying the new booking system, you can call my own independant line anytime (even on my days away) at (204) 504 9575 and I will return your call as soon as possible or by calling Elemental at (204) 779 8900, Dominique (the owner) very kindly co-books for me when I am in a reading or indisposed. It's worked out well and usually means we are able to set up a reading ASAP at a time that is convenient for you!
In other news the little stray cat "Om Alley" we were fostering has gone to a very good and loving home, there is more information on that on my Facebook Page I miss the little guy, but know he's having a very good life. I hope we get updates soon. 
I did a little vlog earlier today about the Pages in Tarot and how I feel they can relate to learner styles in children. I think I'm also going to be sharing a bit in future posts about the four elements and how they can relate to other areas of care giving and support. The journey with my Mom right now is teaching me a lot. Hope you all are beginning to feel the warmth of a new season. If you're in the area stop by or drop me a line. Comments here too are welcome. Happy Spring!