Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Acceptance is a beginning.

I posted the following on the Facebook page yesterday and people seem to like it so I'll share it here as well. I find sometimes things come up again and again in readings and this results in lessons. I am privileged to share and learn from a lot of people's life experiences. Often in our struggles we hear about acceptance being a necessary thing and sometimes we can think we are doing pretty well because we have some sense of acceptance going on with ourselves and others, but before we get too smug, we have to sometimes ask ourselves who we think we are to NOT accept things. In that sense here's some food for thought about acceptance:
  "I've said it before and will say it again, acceptance is greatly overrated and not really a virtue (in itself), especially when you consider the alternative is denial. Appreciation and recognition are the greater things, seeing the innate worth in people or situations especially when they are difficult. Accepting difficult circumstances is important - like knowing when you get rained on...you get wet. Accepting is not about approving or liking what's going on. We have to begin with acceptance but it is only a beginning. "I accept this" is you saying you'll cooperate with reality. Saying "others feel this too" and "what can I learn from this" is where we start finding treasures. That's the start of the real adventure."
- In Tarot it is the suit of Pentacles that relates to ownership, owning up and seeing worth and value in ourselves, others and situations. I've used the Ace of Pentacles to illustrate this piece.

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