Saturday, September 28, 2013

Recording readings / saving spreads and symbols

Some people like to record their readings to review later, over time there can be many things that take on a different relevance. Sometimes people relate that a part of a reading may have been puzzling at the moment and then days or weeks later the information really hits home. In some instances too people may want to take notes but that can be quite distracting both for the person being read as well as for the reader. I generally suggest that if you really need to take notes just jot down key words and then after the reading, while it is fresh in your mind, jot down the greater stuff. Of course if you have a friend along for your reading - and I enjoy reading for people together (if you have an open comfortable relationship) you could take notes for each other.

Of course the best solution is to digitally record your reading. For both in person or Skype (online) readings, recording is allowed for personal private use, but requires whatever device or system software you choose to use. If this is your choice, please have this functional and tested before the reading.

Please note that we no longer offer cassette tape recording, in the last while the availability and quality of cassettes and tape recorders has become limited and unreliable. If you wish to bring a cassette recorder that's fine but please have it tested and ready to go before the reading appointment.

Over the last few years, more and more people are using their smartphones or other devices that they bring with them to audio record the reading. Also saving a picture of the layout and / or individual cards is a great way to carry the mindfulness of a reading on the go and most devices have a camera function that will work for that. For Skype readings I send you a picture of the reading layout by email at the beginning of the session. Here's some things to keep in mind:
  • Readings are private, personal and confidential, any recording of readings is permitted for private, personal use only.
  • Please be familiar with how your device works beforehand, if you have an Iphone I can help (to a degree) with that. Most devices are fairly similar so these suggestions should help but I'm not a tech expert and we don't want to detract from your reading time by having to figure out technology.
  • I presently have chargers for IPhones 4 and 5 as well as for Blackberries, and most Android devices but it's best to make sure your device is fully charged beforehand.
  • We recommend you first put your device in "Airplane mode" this means you will not receive messages, text or phone calls during the reading as they are an interruption both to the process as well as recording. This is found in "Settings". You will need to turn Airplane mode off following your reading to reconnect to your services.
  • The recording application "Voice Memo" (in Blackberry it is "Voice Notes") is usually found in the home screen file called "Utilities".
  • We generally start recording after the shuffling and cutting of the cards.
  • Following the reading if you wish to photograph the layout of the cards or a specific card, feel free to use the camera function of your device.
  • *NOTE* The reading will be a fairly large file on your device, if you store a lot of other information such as pictures music etc. please make sure you have sufficient memory to record, also as the file is large you can generally only transfer the file manually (when you hook your device by it's cable up to your computer or other device).
  • Sorry we cannot be responsible for any technical problems around the recording of a reading.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finding your purpose

A little Vlog post here about a topic that comes up a great deal these days in readings. "Finding your purpose"  is not as complicated as some gurus and costly coaches would have you believe. I have found that for many of us it is present in a lot of what we are already doing. There's some work at times in untangling it from our life scripts - which we can learn to identify and change - or it is sometimes buried under our other circumstantial struggles but there's glimpses of it we can begin to see right here and now.
In spending some time away from the city recently, in an area full of nature and history I've been doing some reflecting on this. In most instances our grandparents didn't have this dichotomy, they lived with a true sense of purpose. For many purpose was simply survival and looking after what they could. Nowadays along with purpose we hear another buzz word "entitlement". These things get complicated and we often think we have a very daunting task to "connect with our authentic self" (there's some more buzz words). I believe, as I mention in the video, that if you want to know your purpose it is there on your kindergarten report card. It's what got you a gold star for sharing. It's what your friends appreciate about you and  it's also what gets you in trouble when you put it in the wrong place.
One of the problems with so many of these life coachey things like "The Secret" is that people often turn to these resources because they are finding their lives (and selves) unacceptable and want escape. It's good to want improvement but it has to begin where we are. When you begin with you - warts and insecurities and all -and see those things as a key to compassion for yourself and others, you find a great starting point for creativity, passion and that gets you somewhere starting from the present. Without that willing recognition though, however great the book, teacher or program is, it will sit half read or undone.
There's a lot of great stuff out there that's free or reasonably priced on how to wake up. There's some great practitioners, teachers and mentors that are ethical and that can be very helpful. At the same time from another perspective I HIGHLY recommend checking out the following  article online at Bitch Media  called "Eat Pray Spend" as it talks about the downside of some life change programs that don't really offer a lot of substance. Personally as both  a practitioner and a fellow seeker it's important to question, challenge and take my own medicine. I am blessed to have friends on the path that teach me through sharing and keep me in line.

September Atmosphere

September brings such a lovely change of atmosphere to Winnipeg's West End, from the returning students at the University of Winnipeg to the rich and vibrant community that is always around the neighborhood of my work, family and home. Here's a little video from outside the primary location of my work at Elemental Book and Curiosity Shop, 355 Langside St.
Also note that Elements Restaurant and Bar (similar names) is directly across Langside from us and is open (after being closed over the summer) with a fully licenced patio, perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert or coffee - great for before or after a reading!