Monday, October 28, 2013

Instinct & Intuition

In response to a recent question about working with instinct and intuition, here is a little Youtube video. Working with instinct and intuition in doing readings requires not just perception of others but also self honesty - the ability to know what parts of ourselves are present in perception, and being able to park our own baggage to be constructive and open. I love sharing around these topics and value questions and suggestions for further articles and videos. My schedule is busy but with a fair bit of flexibility in the next few weeks. If you are planning on being in the Winnipeg area and would like to book a reading with me give me a call at (204) 504-9575 to set something up. Sorry I am not doing phone or internet readings at this time but there is some interesting growth and evolution in the works, any changes in the structure of my work will always be announced here.

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