Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve, thoughts and my wish to you.

As I look back on 2013 I feel a lot of gratitude for some tremendous support, both personally and professionally and also some great appreciation for some learning amid challenging conditions.

A very big part of my transitions over the last two years has had to do with my mother needing a different level of care. In 2011 we moved her into senior's housing in the West End. This was a big part of what led me to presently be reading predominantly through Elemental Book and Curiosity Shop (since 2012). My mother can pretty much look out her window and see where I am. I also chose to move my residence nearby. It was a nifty coincidence that a client of mine was caretaking the block that I now live in and had said if I was ever looking for a place to let her know.

As I look back too I see that difficult as it was to leave a very familiar and settled association at Blackletter Books in the North End, it was time. Jan the bookstore owner had been talking about closing for a while (he's doing well, we are still in touch). Simultaneously my friend Dominique (the owner of Elemental) had transitioned to this location a year or so before and I would sometimes stop in amidst visits to my mom. It all just sort of decided itself it seems.

I am extremely fortunate to have so much support from family, friends, colleagues and patrons. My work allows me to learn from the experiences of those I read for and to bring my personal experiences into understanding what I receive intuitively and back to the work. A few years ago when I went back into my education and then worked (as a little side job) as a teaching assistant. It gave me a much better understanding of the challenges of adult learners. Working with friends who were dying has helped me to understand those dealing with loss as well as the professionals and care-givers who carry out that work. Now in this stage of working with my mom I find I am all the more attuned to people working with elder needs. There's also been the authors and online resources and supports that I have benefitted from. I continue to devour just about anything written by Pema Chodron and I have made some new friends who work with more structured meditation / mindfulness. It feels invigorating to be learning on so many new levels.

This last year I actually took a little time off, my brother kidnapped me and took me to his cottage twice and I plan on having a healthy balance for 2014. I don't make resolutions but I am seeing directions. I'm at a point where I don't take my health for granted so much and I'm starting back to the gym. It's also nice to be in the West End / Wolesely area. There's so much resource around. I benefitted from acupuncture at Straight To The Point on Sherbrook, found some great new hangouts and have made some wonderful friends and re-connected with others. I find there is a great diversity of spiritual and mindful groups and resources nearby. Working within Elemental there's a treasure trove of information, knowledge and inspiring tools (see the "Pictorial Tour" page link at the top of this page) and in the area it's sweet to be within walking distance to Prairie Sky and The Neighborhood Bookstore and Coffee Shop as well as some great eateries.

Another area of gratitude is in the field of my work itself. I see some wonderful new resources that fellow psychic / intuitive practitioners are offering in the city. The field of intuitive work has come into a greater place of being a resource that, more than ever, is offered professionally and respected, we all have our own niches. I'm proud to be a  part of a diverse community, It's all so good to see. In my own case, I am truly blessed and given all I need.

It's not all easy but one thing my work has taught me is that however challenging our experiences, if we are willing they can be tools for understanding. If we are compassionate we can see where that experience can be useful to others and often (although we might have trouble seeing it momentarily) the universe does meet us halfway.

To you dear reader, I want to say thank you. Your interest and support has been a motivation, allowing me to articulate and share. I wish all of you out there the very very best for a happy, healthy and constructive New Year.

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