Monday, December 2, 2013

News from a good friend to Winnipeg's Spiritual/New Age & Holistic Communities!

I'm delighted to share that Anna Olson stopped by recently to catch up and share the news of her new book!
I have long enjoyed Anna's writing; both her poetry as well as her extensive work in community around (among other things) The Aquarian Newspaper - as a co-founder, former editor and continuing contributor. 
Her latest effort is full of hope inspiration, heart and spirit. Here is the information I am happy to pass along:

Exploring the Mysteries of Life and Death by Anna Olson

Past Life Memories * Visions * Near Death Experience * Ghosts * Communication with Deceased Loved Ones * Near Death Awareness (and more)

Here are some of the controversial questions this book approaches:
  • You or a loved one has had a near death experience. How do you cope with it?
  • A loved one saw a vision shortly before death. Do you understand why?
  • Do you believe in reincarnation?
  • Has the spirit of a loved one communicated with you after his or her death?
  •  How are ghosts created, and how can they be helped?
Join Anna Olson as she touches on these and many more subjects in Exploring the Mysteries of Life and Death. She presents possible answers and explanations that may intrigue, amuse or annoy you – or make you question your previous beliefs.

Anna has been interested in metaphysics, the world of the unseen, for close to 30 years. She has learned through personal mystical experience, reading books, and listening to others’ stories.
She also loves to write, having written and edited professionally for over 20 years. Anna’s first book was a chapbook called Writing My Way to Recovery: A Tribute to Jennifer Lindy Olson. Jenny died at 2½ years of age, leaving Anna to recover as best she could – and writing definitely helped. Two of those stories are in Exploring the Mysteries of Life and Death.

(The book is available at Prairie Sky Books, 871 Westminster Ave. or through Anna,  (204)779-4198 or

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