Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Readings Over Skype (for distant clients)

In addition to my regular "in person" appointment schedule (see the tab "Contact/ Appointments" for these), I am now offering some private readings online by Skype. This is mainly in response to the volume of requests from a number of clients who have visited from out of town or have moved away and their friends.

$50.00 (Canadian funds) for a half hour

Each reading follows my standard format of what I pick up with very little feedback and as little prior knowledge as possible.  Prior to the session, I reflect on you, shuffle and layout the cards, then send a photograph of the layout by email before the reading commences. When we connect online I have you take a few deep breaths and silently reflect on the questions that have brought you to the reading, much as if a good friend were to ask "how are you doing".  I then give my intuitive impressions, interpretation of the cards in relation to what I'm picking up, some themes and issues I see in common for your astrological sign and time toward the end of the session for you to verbally ask questions which I will do my best to try to answer within my capabilities.

So far I've found these readings to be consistent with my "in person" work and the response has been quite positive and enthusiastic.

*Payment is required before the reading and will be billed by PayPal . When you contact me by email with your phone number and Skype username, I will call you back to arrange your time and then you will be sent an invoice by email with all of the particulars, terms and conditions. Upon payment your receipt will serve as confirmation of your appointment. I also send the photograph of the Tarot layout by email before the session commences.

All arrangements for Skype readings are made  by emailing me with your phone number and Skype username (to add you to my Skype readings contact list) 

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