Friday, February 14, 2014

New Youtube clip: "Theater, creativity and psychic development "

Some sharing around upcoming events in Winnipeg, such as the "Spirit Seekers Conference" March 21- 23, as well as "World Day Of Theater For Children" on March 20th.

I have tremendous gratitude to the theater background I had as a child and young adult. Arts education is important in energetic / intuitive and psychic development. For me the training and disciplines of character work,  being grounded in our own physical and emotional energy and using that professionally as an actor gave me the communicative tools as well as the heightened sensitivity around my own psychic "breaking out" and "coming out" as a reader.

The theater world was a safe place where I received a lot of guidance, acceptance and direction that is still with me to this day. Kids, (especially with intuitive awareness) need creative areas of expression and tools for understanding.

Psychic reading is both an intuitive and communicative art. I'll be posting more on those areas of development and how they are tools in both what I receive and how I use elements of theater in how I deliver the messages in a way that is relevant and tailored to the person I'm reading for.

As we continue through this exceptionally cold winter I continue to be grateful to be close by family and work. I have a fair bit of flexibility to my schedule. If you're interested in a reading by all means drop in or call ahead to arrange a relaxing time that is convenient for you (204) 504-9575, till then stay warm!