Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tarot Card Of the Week, Nov.30th/14: The Three Of Cups

This week's Tarot card; The Three Of Cups, I touch on issues of sorority, female trinity;"Mother, Maiden, Crone", and I use some fun pop culture references in the sharing. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

On Mediumship And Connecting With Spirit

With great respect to my friends and fellow colleagues that are mediums, I don't personally identify as one. There's lots of areas of intuitive/spiritual work and it's good that we have so many great resources around that work in different ways. My work is more in the realm of helping people connect with their own spirit, listening to our hearts and our conscience.
I think we DO get nudges from the people who we have loved that can inspire us. I often think of what my Dad and others would say in many given situations and when I read for people I feel those influences in their lives, but I think of it more as how we all have those connections and they remain a part of us. Sometimes a reading can help us connect further with those things and I do sometimes get strong impressions about how those influences are at work. I may talk about and get descriptions of people that have passed, but are still part of our collective consciousness. I get that through the person I am reading for.
I also can feel a lot of gratitude around people who have helped others that have since passed. Most of the time I am picking up on the work we have to do here in the realm of the living. We have the opportunity to recognize the spirit in ourselves and in others. To see and honor the people that are working like angels and guides around us. They may not have wings, but they do have an energy like a halo, they come in many forms; nurses, teachers, elders and kids. When I see wisdom, care, kindness and courage, or feel motivated to show those things, that's a very simple form of listening to and seeing spirit.

Tarot Card Of The Week, Nov.1/14: The Seven Of Wands

This week's video is The Seven Of Wands, check out a preceding article I wrote around "Tricky Sevens". Hope everyone is having a delightful weekend.