Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keeping Readings A Healthy Resource (Not Unhealthy Dependence)

Some thoughts around how a majority of practitioners (that I know) and myself work ethically in not taking advantage of vulnerability or encouraging dependence on reading. Readings are an occasional resource and not meant to take the place of other areas of help and support. Most of the readers we have here in Winnipeg follow a good, down to earth and trustworthy approach but, as in any profession, there are sometimes the (fortunately rare) bad apples. Always trust your OWN instincts when it comes to readings.  Also watching out for scams or "up selling". For more on how to avoid these, see my article from 2010 on how to avoid scams, along with information on how to report these things if you encounter them, at:
Curses! Foiled Again!! (avoiding scams)

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