Please call the booking line anytime to arrange a time that's right for you.
I generally return calls (within reasonable hours) even when I am away.

(204) 504 9575
This number does not receive texts 

Appointments and scheduling inquiries are best made by phone as my calendar can change in the time it takes for messages/email to go back and forth.

Private "Reading Studio" at 216 (second floor) 165 Stafford St. at Grosvenor Ave.
$50 half hour session
Strictly by appointment, please call ahead to check availability.

*As in person appointments resume, we are taking the necessary steps for your reading to be as safe and comfortable as possible with regular cleaning/sanitizing of the building, public washrooms and the reading studio, physical distancing along with hand sanitizer and the option of paying with cash or a touchless pay system that accepts debit or credit cards. 

Please note the following:
  • Please read the disclaimer that follows at the bottom of this page, by booking you understand and agree with its conditions.
  • You must be 18 years of age to have a reading.
  • Appointment times are firm, please book at a time that is relaxed and convenient for you. We also appreciate ample notice if you have to cancel.  
  • Audio recording is permitted for personal use. You are free to bring an audio recording device of your choice, such as your phone. See the following article for some suggestions on "Recording Your Reading"
  • You are welcome to bring along a supportive friend if you wish to share the experience but please keep the audience level low. Sharing a reading is an intimate experience, meant for the kinds of friends you can be open with.


Psychic readings can be many things to many people, both in what clients seek and what different types of practitioners offer. We all have our own gifts and our own unique expression.  I offer what I do as perception (which is admittedly fallible), as well as an art form. It is an entertainment that  should be taken respectfully with a grain of salt.

Readings are NOT meant to in any way take the place of your own judgement. I do not offer or purport to be an authority on medical, legal, psychological or financial matters and concerns on those levels should be directed to appropriate resources. You are ultimately responsible for your life and decisions. You must be 18 years of age to have a reading. I reserve the right to refuse service if I feel this to be an unsafe or unsuitable resource.

As a form of art, my kind of reading should be something that speaks to you, providing relevant information that encourages and inspires. As a teller of stories, a sharer of experience and as a perceptive intuitive psychic, I hope I can be of service. I welcome every reading as a new experience and an opportunity to mutually learn and share.