Over the last few years I've written a good deal on aspects of my work and related areas. I've attempted to put many of these into a sort of  order.

Tarot Videos/Related Articles

These are the recently completed "Tarot Card Of The Week" videos in their standard order, along with articles I have written in relation to the cards. These are just some random thoughts on some of how I relate Tarot to readings, sometimes with links included to previous articles. I have also written a number of articles on various cards, combinations and spreads. These can be found in this blog's archives or using the "Search This Blog" function found in the right hand column of this page.
For more information about my approach, there are also links to various articles under the "About My Work" section.
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The Major Arcana:

The Suit Of Wands:

The Suit Of Cups

The Suit Of Swords:

The Suit Of Pentacles:

Other Tarot Related Videos/Articles;

On the Process Of  Doing Readings

Inspiration/Food For Thought