Saturday, May 3, 2014

Card Of The Week - The Five Of Cups

Continuing the "card of the week" challenge, with random and unrehearsed thoughts on the Tarot card "the five of cups". For more information about my work, articles and resources around Tarot and related issues as well as how to book an appointment in person or over Skype visit the "Contact/Appointments" section of this page. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine today!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Feature! Card Of The Week!

I love a challenge and it's been a little while since I last posted or did a Youtube video. It came to me that I should do a card of the week, randomly drawn and unrehearsed. This week's card is the two of wands.
I'm enjoying the lovely spring weather and things are busy around my work, but we have a fair bit of appointment flexibility if you call ahead at (204)504-9575, also for my distant friends there is now the aspect of readings over Skype, check out the "Contact/Appointments" section at the top of this page for more information.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fate and Free Will

I received a beautiful question the other day about destiny, free will and how we can work with what a reading can guide but not necessarily guarantee. We cant let the reading be our auto pilot, we still have to do our own driving. I am working on some new developments around how I can work and be of service. Learning more and more about technology and how things like online resource can work. Stay tuned for more developments! For appointments in person in Winnipeg call (204) 504-9575. Looking forward to SPRING!

Friday, February 14, 2014

New Youtube clip: "Theater, creativity and psychic development "

Some sharing around upcoming events in Winnipeg, such as the "Spirit Seekers Conference" March 21- 23, as well as "World Day Of Theater For Children" on March 20th.

I have tremendous gratitude to the theater background I had as a child and young adult. Arts education is important in energetic / intuitive and psychic development. For me the training and disciplines of character work,  being grounded in our own physical and emotional energy and using that professionally as an actor gave me the communicative tools as well as the heightened sensitivity around my own psychic "breaking out" and "coming out" as a reader.

The theater world was a safe place where I received a lot of guidance, acceptance and direction that is still with me to this day. Kids, (especially with intuitive awareness) need creative areas of expression and tools for understanding.

Psychic reading is both an intuitive and communicative art. I'll be posting more on those areas of development and how they are tools in both what I receive and how I use elements of theater in how I deliver the messages in a way that is relevant and tailored to the person I'm reading for.

As we continue through this exceptionally cold winter I continue to be grateful to be close by family and work. I have a fair bit of flexibility to my schedule. If you're interested in a reading by all means drop in or call ahead to arrange a relaxing time that is convenient for you (204) 504-9575, till then stay warm!

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27th 2014 video update

Talking about how we are all getting by through this hard winter and  how we all are having to adapt. Also responding to a recent question from the Facebook page about "near death experiences". 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New You tube video on The Wheel and The World

New little video about The Wheel of Fortune and The World cards in the Tarot; and how these can relate to experiences that open up our consciousness, both to look outward and within. I value your questions, thoughts and suggestions on this or for further articles or segments. These are not meant as Tarot instruction - there are far greater resources out there for that, more just some insights and food for thought on the cards and aspects of my work, I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Readings Over Skype (for distant clients)

In addition to my regular "in person" appointment schedule (see the tab "Contact/ Appointments" for these), I am now offering some private readings online by Skype. This is mainly in response to the volume of requests from a number of clients who have visited from out of town or have moved away and their friends.

$50.00 (Canadian funds) for a half hour

Each reading follows my standard format of what I pick up with very little feedback and as little prior knowledge as possible.  Prior to the session, I reflect on you, shuffle and layout the cards, then send a photograph of the layout by email before the reading commences. When we connect online I have you take a few deep breaths and silently reflect on the questions that have brought you to the reading, much as if a good friend were to ask "how are you doing".  I then give my intuitive impressions, interpretation of the cards in relation to what I'm picking up, some themes and issues I see in common for your astrological sign and time toward the end of the session for you to verbally ask questions which I will do my best to try to answer within my capabilities.

So far I've found these readings to be consistent with my "in person" work and the response has been quite positive and enthusiastic.

*Payment is required before the reading and will be billed by PayPal . When you contact me by email with your phone number and Skype username, I will call you back to arrange your time and then you will be sent an invoice by email with all of the particulars, terms and conditions. Upon payment your receipt will serve as confirmation of your appointment. I also send the photograph of the Tarot layout by email before the session commences.

All arrangements for Skype readings are made  by emailing me with your phone number and Skype username (to add you to my Skype readings contact list)