Thursday, May 7, 2020


Re-opened for in person appointments* also available for online sessions with Skype or Zoom

Hi, my name is Trevor.
I am a well known, Winnipeg based, psychic intuitive Tarot reader. 

For information about my work please visit the following links:
  • Contact/Appointments for my schedule, rates and other information about sessions in person or online over Skype or Zoom
  • Videos/Articles for my process of doing readings, interpreting Tarot and other inspirational resources.
To Book A Session Call:
(this number does not receive texts)

*As in person appointments resume, we are taking the necessary steps for your reading to be as safe and comfortable as possible with regular cleaning/sanitizing of the building, public washrooms and the reading studio, physical distancing along with hand sanitizer and the option of paying with cash or a touchless pay system that accepts debit or credit cards. 

Thank you for finding me, I look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Readings Over Skype Or Zoom


Because getting to a reading shouldn’t add to your stress, and as many people are experiencing the limitations of staying home or are far away, this is a great way to stay in touch, maybe have a little time for reflection and some “food for thought”.

 I am pleased to offer readings online by Skype or Zoom. This is a service that originated a few years ago, mainly in response to the volume of requests from a number of clients who have visited from out of town or that moved away and their friends.

$50.00 (Canadian funds) for a half hour

Each reading follows my standard format of what I pick up with very little feedback and as little prior knowledge as possible.  Prior to the session, I reflect on you, shuffle and layout the cards, then send a photograph of the layout by email before the reading commences. When we connect online I have you take a few deep breaths and silently reflect on the questions that have brought you to the reading, much as if a good friend were to ask "how are you doing".  I then give my intuitive impressions, interpretation of the cards and time toward the end of the session for your questions which I will do my best to try to answer within my capabilities. So far I've found these readings to be consistent with my "in person" work and the response has been quite positive and enthusiastic.

*Payment is required before the reading and is billed by PayPal . You will be sent an invoice by email with all of the particulars, terms and conditions as well as a Skype contact request or a Zoom appointment. Upon payment your receipt will serve as confirmation of your appointment. I also send a photograph of the Tarot layout by email or through Skype/Zoom before the session commences.

All arrangements for readings are made  by either phone at 
(Sorry no texting, but voicemail reaches me quickly) 
Or email me with your phone number and I will call you back at: 

Monday, November 18, 2019

Season’s Greetings and Holiday Appointments

This picture was taken just outside my downstairs neighbours, the beautiful furniture and design store “These Four Walls”. I love that their holiday display window this year features the word “grateful”, it sums up how I feel to be here!

For many folks the holidays are a traditional time of coming in for a reading, both with family and friends or individual sessions where people are re-charging and looking ahead. You can also arrange for a reading in the cozy comfort of your home over Skype! For more information see “Contact/Appointments” .

Along with my own time to be with family and friends, I always do my best  to free up time to be available, but that can sometimes be challenging at very short notice. Things usually work out when I’m given some notice and people call ahead so that I can set a time that is most comfortable for them. 

The best way to make arrangements is to call (204)504-9575 this number does not receive texts but voicemails reach me even when I am away and I’ll call you back as soon as I can,  or if you are coming in from out of town and long distance is an issue email me your phone number at 

Wishing everyone a joyous season and, as always, looking forward to being of service.
- Trevor

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Experience and background

Many readers have various forms of experience, maybe reading privately or through structured or independent study. This is all to be respected but it's also fair to ask what sort of experience that is as reading as an interest and reading professionally can be very different. One is not necessarily better than the other. I know some great readers with very little professional experience and the professionals all had to start somewhere!

For myself, although I had some reading experience and learning prior to my reading professionally it is not what I include in citing professional experience. Prior to my working at it, reading was an interest and in one way or another it was part of me as far back as I can remember and it's that way for most readers I know. When I state: "since 1982" it is since I began this as my full time, main livelihood. Someone asked me where I have read professionally the other day, here goes as best I can recollect:

  •  Feb. 1982 to June 1986 -The Chocolate Shop restaurant. I initially worked for descendants of the same family that had this place going back to 1918. Madam Red (Winnipeg's most famous reader) and many other fascinating readers, people and characters had their start there. It was a location famous for readings and still remembered fondly by many Winnipeg people. The first 3 years there were a joy, I had to begin as a fledgling and work my way up (and did) but the last year (1986) was under a new ownership and frankly just wasn't the same. You can buy the name of a business but you cant buy it's experience or spirit. it changed hands a few times since then, went through highs and lows and at times had some other good  readers but is now long gone.

  •  1986 to 1995 - The Eastside Exchange Bar and Grill 177 Lombard (behind the Richardson Building), this was an upscale establishment and I was the main full time reader there from when it initially opened and on for 9 years. This truly gave me the opportunity to develop my approach, establish a uniquely diverse client base and I had the privilege of working with some fine people and fellow readers that I have many fond memories of. However my clients had been asking for some time for a more private appointment based structure so it was after 9 years, time to evolve and change.

  •  1995 to 2012 I worked independently through co-operative shared space at Blackletter Books in a private reading room. The 17 years I spent in this North End location were very rewarding. Working with Jan (the bookstore owner) was also a great experience, I am grateful for his support and the time there.

  •  June 2012 to March 2015 I continued my independent work through co-operative shared space at Elemental Book and Curiosity Shop in the vibrantly growing West End. I enjoyed working alongside another business and Dominique is a good friend. I appreciate her support and so much of her knowledge, business and work has been an opportunity for me to further learn and share. *NOTE: Elemental has also since moved, Dominique and her amazing resources are now Elemental Witchery and Conjure Boutique and are now located at 220 Henderson Highway.

  • March 2015 to present,  I am delighted to now be  working by appointment through my own "Reading Studio" at 216-165 Stafford St. at Grosvenor Check out "Contact/Appointments" to book a reading.
 In all this time I haven't taken much time off and although I have had some other side jobs along the way, reading is still my chief work, my passion and my joy. I've seen a lot come and go through all this time. The industry changes, ebbs and flows. I'm looking forward to further adventures, further learning and sharing. Stay tuned for further evolution!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On Preparing For A Reading (for both reader and client)

Some thoughts on how to prepare for a reading (both for the reader and the client). Journalling before and after, looking at the bigger picture of our lives, not just the immediate questions.

Friday, February 12, 2016

On Working With Various Decks And Styles. Using A Non-Illustrated Minor Arcana In Training

On the value of working with various styles of decks, the importance in training,of using a non illustrated Minor Arcana. I also touch on a little Tarot history and how decks evolve. For more information about my work as well as how to book an appointment, please visit the top sections of this page. Also wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Further On Building Associations With The Cards

On Building associations with the cards, visualizing the deck and seeing our "blind spots". I value constructive comments and suggestions for further videos and articles. Have a great week everyone!